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Canadian Comedy Award recipient and storyteller Briane Nasimok brings his new virtual show to the Ottawa Fringe starting June 17th.


Combining videos shot pre-Covid, with new tales from his office and garden, Briane shares his adventures of love, loss, triumph, and an attempt to capture the coveted title of Mr. Thrill of a Lifetime.


“He’s a charming man with charming stories and listening to Nasimok is a delightful way to spend an evening…"

Rose Fernandez, CBC Manitoba


"Nasimok has generally captivating stories, a sweetly charming personality and a gentle comedic rapport with the audience…"

Amanda Campbell, Halifax Weekly

Fringe Review:

Interspersed between his professional stories are tales from his own life: as a child, a teenager, a brother to a sister who has cancer, and as a man with a partner who stands by his side in his time of need. These are gentle, personal, self-deprecating stories that reveal Nasimok’s humanity. He grows on his audience.

The ending is complicated, unexpected, but simple in its appeal. You can hear Nasimok touch people’s hearts, just as he touched mine. An ending worth every one of the 52 minutes of this show.

By Brian Carol

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