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But That's Another Story

monthly storytelling series
a Microphone on a stage under a spotlight

March Edition

Back at the Rivoli

MARCH 3, 2023

This month's show features:

  • a performer known for her comedic look at life and love, and loves to tell stories to anyone that understands truth and reality, Elaine Gold;  

  • an actor/storyteller who has performed on stages, taverns and firesides across Canada and the UK. Erich Lehmann;

  • a writer, comedian and podcaster, his series “Chameleon: Wild Boys” won the 2023 Podcast Academy Award, Sam Mullins;

  • a playwright who has performed stories at The Spoke, Confabulation/Replay storytelling, and Fireside Tale, Ronit Rubinstein; 

  • and a television and film star, whose extensive credit list ranges from "Schitt's Creek" to Disney's "Zombies'" series, Tony Nappo; 

and of course our fearless hosts, Christel Bartelse and Briane Nasimok. 

Proceeds from the evening will go to the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto.
This show is sponsored by Writer's Tears Irish Whisky.

Tickets are $15 online or $20 at the door (cash only). 

Show: Sunday, February 4, 2023; Doors @ 07:00 PM, show at 7:30PM

Rivoli - 334 Queen St West (East of Spadina)

** Book a dinner reservation and receive a 10% discount on your food.  For reservations call the Rivoli at (647) 494-4540.




But That's Another Story is a storytelling event to bring people together during these challenging times.

Canadian Comedy Award recipient Briane Nasimok and 99-Second Story Slam Grand Champion Christel Bartelse have joined forces to showcase a wide array of Toronto's finest raconteurs!

Each evening will include a variety of styles (fables, indigenous tales, contemporary works, autobiographical observations, comic essays) from some of Toronto's most compelling tellers.  "But That's Another Story" is presented on the first Sunday of every month.

This Month's Tellers:



Tony Nappo is a Canadian actor born in Scarborough, Ontario.
He graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York in 1991. He has been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, A Broadway World Award, two Actra Awards and two Dora Mavor Moore awards. Notable film and television credits include- Bad Blood, Schitt’s Creek, Pretty Hard Cases, Mayor of Kingstown, Strays, Four Brothers, Saw 2, Chucky, Faking a Murderer, Vandits, Baroness Von Sketch, Jett, Northern Rescue, Killjoys, Disney’s Zombies series, DaVinci’s Inquest, Intelligence, Fugget About It, Kim’s Convenience, Shoot The Messenger, Land of The Dead, and many many more.

Elaine Gold.jpeg


Elaine has been a stand up comic off and on for decades.  she's been a storyteller for the same. Themes of odd dates and quirky relationships are beloved themes. 

Eric Lehmann - Headshot 1.jpeg


Eric Lehmann is a classical actor and story teller based in Toronto. His journey has brought him to stages, taverns and firesides across Canada and the UK. Now he is happy to include the Rivoli to that list. He owns a cat and hopes you will join him for a drink after the show. 



Sam Mullins is a writer, comedian and podcaster based in Toronto. His critically-acclaimed podcast series “Chameleon: Wild Boys” from Sony Music won Podcast of the Year at the 2023 Podcast Academy Awards. For the past decade, he's been writing comedy for TV + radio, and performing his award-winning solo shows all over North America. His stories have been featured on This American Life, The Moth, and CBC's The Doc Project.



Ronit is a playwright based in Toronto and has also performed stories at The Spoke, Confabulation/Replay storytelling, and Fireside Tales.  Ronit hopes her life will always be just weird enough to justify telling strangers about it.

christel bartelse.jpeg


Christel Bartelse is an actor, writer, producer, clown, teacher and comedian, known for her five solo shows which have toured across Canada, the US and twice to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  She is the creator of the Podcast all KIDding and cohost/coproducer of Chris and Christel’s Collection at the Peacock Pub. She’s terrible at updating her website but check her out at



Briane Nasimok is a Gemini-nominated writer, comedian, producer and the creator/performer of Fringe favourite, “Confessions of an Operatic Mute”. A current member of the Storytelling Toronto Board, his television credits range from YTV’s “Uh Oh” to MTV’s “Test Pattern”.  Briane had a previous career as a Canadian film star, which is why most people don’t know him.   He also has a website –


Thank you to all of But That's Another Story's past tellers. We could quite literally not have done it without you!

  • Alex Dallas

  • Ali Hassan

  • Andre Nogueira Gropo

  • Andrew Shelffo

  • Andy Nulman

  • Anna Gustafson

  • Anna Kerz

  • Anne Fenn

  • Anto Man-Ming Chan

  • Barry Avrich

  • Bethany Ellis

  • Beverley Eliott

  • Bruce Hunter

  • Bruce McCullouch

  • Bryce Fletch

  • Chachanna Simpson

  • Chantal Lim

  • Chetter M Galloway

  • Chris Gibbs

  • Chris Rosati

  • Colin Mochrie

  • Collette Micks

  • Dan Rosen

  • Dan Yashinsky

  • Danny Adhim

  • Darlene Chrissley

  • David Archer

  • David Shore

  • Dawn Xankin

  • Debbie Fein-Goldbach

  • Dena Jackson

  • Devan Sandiford

  • Don Ferguson

  • Donna Dudinsky

  • Dwayne Morgan

  • Eden Nameri

  • Eddie McGinty

  • Elaine Gold

  • Elaine Kasket

  • Elvira Kurt

  • Emily Poulin

  • Eugene Clark

  • Evan Carter

  • Gaurav Madan
  • Gavin Johnstone

  • Geoff Pevere

  • George Masserwhol

  • Gerard Harris

  • Grace Smith

  • Graham Isador

  • Helder Brum

  • Izzy Ferguson

  • James Gangl

  • Jean Bubba

  • Jean Paul

  • Jesse Bond

  • Joanne O'Sullivan

  • Joe Klocek

  • Johanne Pelletier

  • John Mostyn

  • John Wing

  • Jonathan Wilson

  • Judy Pearly

  • Julie M Baker

  • June Brown

  • Karen Blair

  • Keith Brown

  • Ken Green

  • Kenny Robinson

  • Kesha Christie

  • Laurie Malabar

  • Lynn Torrie

  • M.J. Kang

  • Marcel St. Pierre

  • Mark Breslin

  • Martha Chaves

  • Martin Dockery

  • Mary Jo Pollack

  • Matt Baram

  • Matthew McLaren

  • Melissa Reaves

  • Melody A Johnson

  • Meryl Arbing

  • Naomi Snieckus

  • Natasha Charles

  • Nastazja Palonka

  • Neil Muscott

  • Nick Miceli

  • Norm Reynolds

  • Norman Perrin

  • Ophira Eisenberg

  • Panagiota Vogdou

  • Pat Bisset

  • Patrick French

  • Paul Aflalo

  • Paul Bellini

  • Paul Hutcheson

  • Polly Esther

  • Rensia Melles

  • Richard Lett

  • Rico Rodriguez

  • Robin Duke

  • Ron James

  • Ronna Levy

  • Sage Tyrtle

  • Sam Mullins

  • Sana Asad

  • Sandra Whiting

  • Sarah Abusarar

  • Sarah Boston

  • Sean Wellington

  • Selena Dhillon

  • Set Shuter

  • Shayna Jones

  • Simon Cotter

  • Stephanie Morin-Robert

  • Steve Brinder

  • Susan Ida Boucaud

  • Tabby Johnson

  • Ted Barris

  • Theresa Okokon

  • TJ Dawe

  • Tracey Erin Smith

  • Tracey Starin

  • Trevor Burnett

  • Will Weigler

  • Zabrina Douglas

  • Zebulon Pike

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