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Izzy and the Naz postcard

Two storytellers, two chairs, more than two stories

Four-time CBC Literary Prize finalist, Izzy Ferguson, and Canadian Comedy Award recipient and Gemini-award nominated writer, Briane Nasimok (the Naz), share the stage to regale their audiences with tales of romance, adventure, loss and triumph.

Izzy and Briane have been sharing stories for years and have not been told to stop.  Neither of them has moved to the States for fame and fortune.  They aren't asking for your pity - but they are asking you to have it in your hearts to help them break even.

Some parental guidance is advised,

assuming modern parents are capable of guidance.



Izzy and The Naz, with Izzy Ferguson and Briane Nasimok, is two men taking turns telling stories. It's like having a dinner conversation with two interesting friends, except you don't say a word and just listen to them talk.

The stories loosely revolve around love, of people or pastimes, and are told with a gentle sense of self reflection that draws you in, knowing there's nothing here that's going to upset you.

An hour spent with these two is a perfect dessert to some of the more intense shows at this venue. Watching Monster and then going to this show would be a weirdly interesting double bill.

Izzy and Naz was a last-minute addition to the Fringe, and it would have been a shame if these two didn't bring this show to Hamilton. Beyond this, there's not much for a reviewer to say, except go and listen to these two men, you'll feel better for it.


The tagline on this show says it all. It is a simple (and another late entry) addition to the Fringe Festival but one that is wonderfully engaging. 

Our two storytellers, poetically verbose Izzy Ferguson and effortlessly funny Briane Nasimok (star of Confessions of an Operatic Mute at Mills Hardware) share the stage to regale their audiences with tales of romance, adventure, loss, triumph and just stories about this thing called life. The stories aren’t crude or flashy but do they ever leave a lasting impression with the audience regarding their seemingly uncomplicated but fascinating lives. 

I won’t spoil any of the story plots here but if you are able to catch this one tomorrow evening, you’ll find their storytelling prowess more than worthwhile. Don’t let their website content warnings fool you. This one is a pure gem.


  • 2019 Hamilton Fringe Festival


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