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Welcome to Romantic Anonymous.    


This is a safe space to share your feelings but no one is obliged to participate by telling their story.

If time permits, we will encourage newcomers to enlighten us about their challenges.


Romance is an addiction; we understand that and we are here to help.


Through his tales of love, lost and found, Briane attempts to survive life's most illusive of emotions by sharing his funny, touching and sometimes heartbreaking stories.  


Limited Seating only 35 tickets available.

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But That's Another Story

First Sunday of every Month @ 7:30pm

monthly storytelling series

my work

Here is a story I did for True Stories (Told Live) Toronto hosted by Marsha Shandur.

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about me

How it all started

Canadian Comedy Award recipient Briane Nasimok, has been telling stories from an early age, a talent he primarily used in those days to get out of trouble. When he was ten, Briane went to live theatre for the first time which inspired him to pursue his dream – but instead it led him to an usual career, appearing in over 30 operas and nearly 300 performances, without uttering a word. Canada’s Foremost Operatic Mute went on to a career in stand-up comedy as one of the earliest featured performers at Yuk Yuks.  He is an award-winning television writer/producer with shows ranging from Sesame Street to The Giller Prize and was 9th runner up in CTV’s Thrill of a Lifetime’s Male Beauty Pageant.  His life experience as a mute performer led to the creation of an acclaimed one-person show.




Phone: 416-606-1764



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